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Friday, December 7, 2012

Join the Pergola Building E-Course

For anyone even thinking about building a pergola, this FREE 3 week series of email lessons is exactly what you need to get started. 

The E-Course takes you from the very first step in the planning process all the way to heading out to shop for materials with your very own cut list and freshly drawn pergola plans. 

You will learn how to measure out and prepare and mark your site, find out how to obtain permits and meet all local regulations that are needed, and then exactly what you will need to do to secure your posts to any possible surface.

You will receive a free pergola plan, but then also learn how to adapt the one you receive in case it is not the exact size and design that you need. You will also learn how to draw your own pergola plans from scratch including figuring out dimensions all around and then using that to create a material cut list.

At that point you should really be able to feel confident about how possible and easy it it to build your own pergola. Then you will be ready for the second part of the lessons - the ebook that provides illustrated step by step instructions on getting to the final product - your very own personally designed and built pergola.

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