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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pergola Kits

The idea to build your own pergola is great, as long as you are confident in your ability to draw and/or follow pergola plans and have some basic woodworking and construction skills. But, if the idea of such a do it yourself project is not appealing, then perhaps you should look into purchasing a pergola kit. While this is a more expensive route to take, you can find pergola kits that are not cost prohibitive at all.

The advantage to a pergola kit is that much of the assembly and all of the measuring and cutting has been done for you. You will still need to spend about one day with a friend to assemble and install the pergola, but there are complete instructions included and all you will need is a ladder, drill, leveler and measuring tape. This would be a much simpler project for you to tackle.

For instance, the Luxor Pergola Kit pictured above can be found in the main Pergola Kit store selection. This kit which features some very lovely post trim pieces to provide a more elegant style is less than two thousand dollars. When you order a pergola kit, you tell the manufacturer how you intend to secure the posts and they will include the proper hardware necessary to fit your needs.

Whether you choose to build your own pergola or you purchase one of the many pergola kits or accessories available, the ultimate goal is the same. A pergola adds style, ambiance, and shade cover to any outdoor space and is something you will enjoy for years to come.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Build a Pergola Tips & Tricks

So you are thinking about building a pergola which is probably why you landed here. In our do it yourself pergola post we wrote about a great survey and email series that will get you started on your way AND will provide you with a discount code on the essential building guide.
Here is a sneak peak of the seven email topics that will be sent out to help you get started on your own DIY pergola project:

Tools and Hardware Needed to Build
Most of the tools and some of the hardware you need are probably already in your garage or tool shed. Even if you do need to buy then, you will find they will come in handy for more than just this pergola project. *A checklist of tools and hardware will be listed*

Securing Posts
This topic covers how to determine post sizing and how to secure posts to a deck, concrete slab or in the ground. General guidelines will be provided for each. As always, local building codes should be the final source for all considerations.

Building Permits
Always keep in mind that you can have two possible sources of regulations in your area, Homeowner’s Associations and City Building Codes. Information on the possible impacts of both will be provided.

Material Selection
Price is typically the driving point when looking at possible material types for your pergola so we will cover the four most popular material types according to price as well as durability and style.

Design Ideas
The possibilities for pergola designs are endless. We cover some of the most commonly used and provide some ideas that could spark your imagination beyond the typical uses. 

This is the bottom to it all. Should you buy a kit to save building time and labor? How much would that be? What about if you do choose to build it yourself using a plan? How inexpensive can that really be in comparison? We’ve got that covered for you.

Additional Features
Even the most basic pergola can have a few little details added on for some added style and personality or to enhance its use. These additions can still keep within a budget very easily. We will cover a few of these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.