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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Popular Pergola

My sister just bought a former model home that has a beautiful detached pergola in the sunniest corner of the yard. The pergola defines a space that has become their favorite place to sit as the summer evenings wind down.

She has now noticed that there are pergolas everywhere. You know how it goes - once you learn about something that appeals to you specifically you start to notice them all around you. She now understands why we have always been so interested in these outdoor structures!

Test yourself over the next week or two. See how many pergolas you can spot as you drive, walk, bike, or run around your neighborhood. Don't forget that pergolas can be attached or detached and come in a variety of shapes and colors. There are also many installed above front yard gates or in larger side yards to provide shade. See a lovely wisteria vine? Check to see if it is climbing along the roof of a pergola.

Once you notice them "in action" so to speak - then you will be really focused on figuring out how you can build a pergola in your own yard. That part is easy. Check out the information in the Build a Pergola section of this site, take the survey, get a free plan, learn from the email series and then buy the book. Then, like my sister, you will be loving the new favorite spot in your yard!

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